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    Wednesday, July 15, 2020 8:30 PM 3 months ago

    ​​Here’s the Level That Could Spark a “Nasty” BTC SelloffIf BTC does reel down to $8,600, how it reacts to the support here will be crucial for determining where it trends next.
    In a recent blog post, another respected analyst explained that a break below $8,600 would put Bitcoin in firm bear territory and send it reeling lower.“I THINK IF WE BROKE DOWN FROM HERE AND BROKE BELOW $8600 THEN I THINK WE COULD QUICKLY TURN BEARISH AND START TO SEE SOME NASTY PRICE ACTION,” HE SAID WHILE POINTING TO THE CHART SEEN BELOW.

    Wednesday, July 15, 2020 7:46 PM 3 months ago

    ​​S4FE is launching soon - next big blockchain application after DeFi?Blockchain technology enables many things, amongst that the tokenization of assets. The first security token offerings have been completed successfully, classic stock exchanges are increasingly considering the trading of tokens. There are still many things to do however and exactly that is the future!
    If you order expensive items like a watch, a luxury bag or a new, stylish and expensive pair of high fashion sneakers - how can you be sure that these are really from the manufacturer?
    And most importantly: if they are stolen or lost: how can you prove that they are really your items? How to get them back?

    If you feel like the S4FE team did a few years ago back in 2017, you will be surprised that there is no good solution for these simple problems yet. At least so far.

    In 2018, thousands of other people realized this problem as well when S4FE got a huge hype and appeared on magazines like Forbes and was pushed by famous people like Floyd Mayweather on Instagram after participating in the#s4fechallenge.
    Since the successful private sale in the same year and the subsequent Token Launch in 2019, S4FE has been intensively researching and developing a solution, now ready with a fully functional product about to be launched.

    This is how S4FE works:
    S4FE designed a very small physical chip that manufacturers can easily implant directly into their products (such as handbags, shoes, and even items like watches and cameras).
    Each chip has a unique ID, is connected to a S4F token, is stored on the blockchain and can be scanned through the product with the soon to be released smartphone app.

    Now you can register as the owner of this product, report it as stolen or lost, safely resell or auction it to other people, etc.All this data is stored securely and encrypted in the blockchain.As you can imagine, the development of all the technology behind it took a lot of work - but S4FE delivered and is now on their final stages with a product that works exactly as described and will be launched in the coming weeks.If you want to be part of the launch, you can find more information about S4FE here:- Website: Token: YouTube: Instagram: Exchange:

    Wednesday, July 15, 2020 7:21 PM 3 months ago

    Binance Twitter Account hacked, don’t Click the link.@TradeCryptoNow

    Binance Twitter Account hacked, don’t Click the link. @TradeCryptoNow
    Wednesday, July 15, 2020 3:36 PM 3 months ago
    Wednesday, July 15, 2020 8:34 AM 3 months ago

    ​​The Gold Fractal Is There TooAnother correlation that has formed is one between gold and Bitcoin. Both assets have seen extremely strong years in the grand scheme of things, both gaining around 20% as of this article’s writing.
    Over the past few weeks, though, BTC has fallen behind structurally. As gold has seen a breakout to eight-year highs, Bitcoin has been trapped in a 15% range as it attempts to set a direction.

    The above fractal analysis indicates that Bitcoin will soon rally past $10,000 if it follows the path trailed by gold.@TradeCryptoNow

    Tuesday, July 14, 2020 5:30 AM 3 months ago

    ​​Top chart = LTC/BTCWhen LTC breaks blue trendline it outperforms BTC.
    Bottom chart = BTC

    3/4 of the LTC trendline breaks = bull runs for BTC.

    1/4 marked BTC's top.

    This next time?

    What if anything can we surmise?@TradeCryptoNow


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