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    AdSigmaMonday, December 27, 2021 9:48 AM

    💎 DefiSportsCoin$DSC💎
    DefiSports Holdings LLC#ShapeTheFutureVision is about to redefine and galvanise the world of sports by incentivizing athletes and superseding the current infrastructure.
    🎯 Public Launch Date: October 22, 2021

    🌟 DefiSports Holdings LLC (@DefiSportsLLC) is a Tech Company registered in Belize.👇👇🌟Team Doxxed
    🔥Big Advisors:

    1️⃣ Renowned crypto influencer - Herbert Sim, commonly known as The BitcoinMan™️, who is also an investor of the project

    2️⃣ Mr. Nair Abakar who is tourism ambassador of Chad Republic.🔥

    ✅ 11 Athletes Signed

    ✅ News Coverage on Yahoo Finance & Benzinga

    ✅ Contract Verified & BSC Scan Updated

    ✅ Tech Project

    🔐 Team, Advisors, Athletes Wallet Locked up to 5 years

    🔐 LP lock for 30 years

    ✅ DSC Signed Athletes MERCH will also be available

    ✅ We will be releasing one of our big athlete today, December 1. Massive marketing & campaign would follow.

    ✅ We have booked AMA and have prepared more than 10 influencers across Twitter and Telegram

    ✅ CertiK Audit is on going and platform for staking would be available on Friday (eta) after the audit.

    ✅ STAKING period is 1 month without minimum amount required.

    ✅ Aiming to be listed on one of top 10 CEX immediately after launch

    ⚡⚠️ DSC WEBSITE will be transferred to Premium Domain 👉📌 Token Info:• Name: DefiSportsCoin
    • Symbol:$DSC• Token Type: BSC• Total Supply: 10 Billion
    • Tax: 5% (buy/sell)
    • 6% - 7% (Adjust it accordingly)

    🎯 Sports Blockchain
    🎯 Staking
    🎯 NFTs Market place
    🎯 Gaming

    Listed in:
    🎯 CoinGecko --🎯 CoinMarketCap --🎯 PancakeSwap -- Telegram:🌐 Website: https: and join the TG group

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